Welcome to my personal resource of After Effects expressions. There are already many websites where you can find expressions, but very few that explains in details how they work and how to build up your own. This is the goal of this blog, rather than being a simple repository, I want to take you deeper inside the javascript code to understand what’s under the hood. And if you are not interested to learn, you can still download the expressions as presets and adapt them to your work. It is highly recommended to follow the lessons while running them step by step in After Effects, like a walkthrough; it is the best way to learn! Don’t hesitate to post comments, I am glad to share what I know and also learn even more by being challenged!


I am a French Art Director / Video Artist currently based in Shanghai, China. I have been an After Effects user for over 10 years, and still learning every day new things about it. My reels can be seen on Vimeo:
and my Linkedin profile is at the following address:


9 thoughts on “About…

  1. Hi Toma,
    just discovered your blog, thanks for sharing – still feel that I’m at the beginning with my expression-knowledge 🙂
    I’d like to dive in deeper but realised that your presets won’t work with my cs6-version, is that possible and if so are they downgradeable?


      1. thanks for the reply – I followed one of your tutorials, that’s what I did at first hand, but somehow got stuck and wanted to countercheck with your preset where I went wrong. That’s when I realised the different versions… I will check again and hopefully find the mistake.
        Again, thanks for sharing – doing and showing all this with shapelayers is great


  2. thanks for your offer – it was the ‘string in a box’ tut where I got stuck. The box extends but not in the way described. But since I ‘customized’ some things like a counter in the text-string (+different naming), there is a chance that i oversaw something on the way.
    I will take a closer look in the next days and report.

    thx, Y.

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  3. Hi! I found your site recently and it’s amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    I am a motion designer and enthusiast of mathematics / programming! I have used expressions to solve many problems of my work.

    However there is a problem continues tormenting me: paths and individual vertices control. I’ve read that you can not control them via expressions, only by scripts. But it would not be interesting since it does not allow the control the vertices in real time.

    My reasoning: if there is a way of abstracting a color property, representing numerically, reading and writing dynamically, the same should be possible with the path properties.

    Did you already achieved some progress in this direction, or have something to share about it? Thanks you very much and greetings from Brazil!


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